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I searched thru one of my cabinets today, and I've found lots and lots of old booklets. They are full of fanfictions I wrote when I was about 10. I didn't even know what fanfics were back than, and we didn't even had internet connection, but I have 3 booklets full of Inuyasha, Slayers, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. It was so good reading them again, they are so cheezy, but sweet in a way.

Most of them are romantic short stories (slash mostly... What else really?), with first kisses, and happy endings. Only two of them had a tragic/sad enging, I guess I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote them.

The longest is a Sherlock Holmes fic, almost 40 pages (keep in mind that I write with small letters, so it's actually a lot). It's about the long process of Sherlock's realisation concerning his feelings for the good old doctor. Drama, arguments, crying and cocaine - but everything turns for the better. Sherlock stops using cocaine for his dear Watson, and Watson promises not to gamble ever again. And Mrs. Hudson walks in on them, and says: "Oh don't worry, I knew something like this will happen for years now." :D I lol'd at this harder than I should have.

I think Shwatsonlock was my very first OTP. Or was it Snarry...?

No, it was Shwatsonlock.

There is actually something I want to ask you, my dear watchers: What was YOUR very first OTP? And how old were you?
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If you're a stranger deviant, who's only here to read more info about me, then: I'm fantastic, I truly am. I'm a good friend, a gifted artist, and a sexy nimfo. *Call me!*

If you already know me, or worse, you are my FRIEND, then: Oh, you already know that I'm a lazy fatass, and that I only do some crappy art if I feel like it, so SHUT UP and get me some BEER, BIATCH.

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